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Autumn winter 2016 trends to look out for and what to add to your wardrobe

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Summer is rapidly coming to a close and our attentions now turn to the autumn and winter.  Cooler temperatures mean warmer clothes, and we’ve got a good idea of what looks are in for the autumn and winter of 2016.

Following the big four fashion shows of Paris, Milan, London and New York, the autumn/winter collections from all of the big designers are now known.  As always, there are some surprising new trends, as well as some not-so-surprising.

Here is a round-up of what’s ‘in’ for autumn/winter 2016, and what you need to think about adding to your wardrobe.

Horizontal stripes are in, as ever

Have stripes ever not been in? Well perhaps not, but 2016 is seemingly the year of the unusually coloured stripes. Several designers unveiled unorthodox striped garments at this season’s shows, most of which features unusual colour combinations, oddly proportioned stirps and even stripes of differing textures.  So, keep an eye out for stripes that are a little different this season, but always horizontal.

Don’t forget the pinstripes

While horizontal stripes are going the way of the slightly eccentric look, pinstripes are most definitely in for the formal-yet-cool look this autumn and winter.  Flattering to just about any body shape, the pinstripes of 2016 ooze style and sophistication.

Shearling is the new sheepskin

At all of the big headline fashion shows this year, there was shearling items from many labels.  From full dresses to stylishly cut coast, shearling is definitely in for winter 2016.  And if you’re wondering exactly what shearling is, it’s sheepskin. Though you’ll never see it described as such.

Go ornate, with Brocade

If you’re looking to add some real glamour to your wardrobe, then Brocade may be the way to go this autumn/winter.  Most of the big labels, including Gucci, Prada and Dries Van Noten were showing off brocade as the 2016 ornate fabric of choice at this season’s shows. From dresses and coats to trousers and blouses. Brocade is in.

Extra-long sleeves

Many fashion designers are certainly pushing the extra-long sleeves this season. Pieces featuring extra-long sleeves featured at all four shows and were shown on a whole range of looks, from sportswear to formal dresses, party gowns to the slightly more off-beat hipster look.  They may not be the most functional (save for cold hands), but those extra-long sleeves will be popping up everywhere this autumn and winter.

Bag straps

Not just any old bag straps, but extra-wide bag straps are in for 2016. Embellished and colourfully decorated, the ‘guitar strap’ look for your bags is the fashion accessory for autumn and winter 2016.

Hoodies. Yes, hoodies

Looking to add some style to the lazy Sunday afternoons on the couch? Well hoodies are most definitely in for autumn/winter 2016. Previously looked upon as a budget item for lounging around away from preying eyes, many of the biggest fashion designs were showing off their hoodies in 2016. From dresses featuring hoodies to the most orthodox hoodies of them all, comfort and warmth seem to be on the agenda for 2016.

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