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What is the Style Identity of the Decade?

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As we come to the end of 2016 and move into 2017, we are firmly over halfway through the 2010 decade.  Styles have come and gone and we can already make some assessments about the style identity of the most recent decade.  Of course, we could see dramatic changes in the next three years that forever alter our view of the period.

But so far, what is the style identity of the 2010-2020 decade looking like?

The decade of recycling

A lot of fashion experts say that fashion repeats itself every 20 years.  The 2010 decade it one that firmly makes the case for this point and is already being known as the decade of recycling.  Trends from past eras including the 1980s, the 1990s and even parts of other decades have all come back into fashion in the last six years.

But by terming it the decade of recycling, this doesn’t take into account the new dimensions added to these trends during the last few years.  For example, while the early part of the decade saw a lot of vintage styles being popular, they were done in a new way, often using new materials.  The rise of stretch materials of great quality has meant that items such as skinny jeans could reach a new level of skinny without cutting off circulation in the legs.

The Bohemian decade

One thing about Bohemian, or Boho as it is now known, is that it works in so many ways that there is something for almost every taste.  And that flexibility and vagueness of the style has made it a popular choice for many in the last six years.  Whether full-on hippie inspired floral pieces or simply loose fitting tops with bell sleeves and gauzy materials, the Boho trend has something for everyone.  It has also had a big impact on jewellery, with layering styles and random pieces allowing people to create their own unique look.

Examples of the 2010s style

Perhaps the best way to look at the style of the decade so far and seek its identity is to look at some of the pieces that have become iconic in the last six years.

  • The Boyfriend blazer is one example that ladies have been wearing with party dresses, jeans and almost anything else. These have the look of being borrowed from a guy but are definitely a ladies clothing article.  A similar trend in jeans is the boyfriend jeans – a looser style of jeans with relaxed leg fitting while still have the right shape for a woman to wear.
  • Miniskirts have been popular in various eras before and have become a classic 2010s fashion item. Nor are they simply the fitted styles with a bit of stretch – the mini skirt can include flare styles, denim skirts and anything else.
  • Cargo pants are a throwback to military inspired fashion and have firmly become the alternative to jeans when leggings or fitted styles don’t do the job. They are also a little practical to store a purse, mobile phone and other essentials that means a handbag isn’t always needed.

So far, the decade of 2010-20 has been about finding new ways to do old things, reinventing old looks with new materials and new finishing touches. Now we just need to wait to see what the next three years brings to finalise what the style identity of the decade really is.

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